Coaching Change in Uncertain Times

For Coaches, Therapists, Counselors and Other Professionals who Support Clients in Transition

This course is an opportunity to get an introduction to the Seasons of Change while learning about change in uncertain times.
OR to discover how to apply your existing Seasons of Change knowledge to situations where clients are facing great uncertainty.

9 Credits*

Are your clients are having a difficult time navigating change with today’s greater levels of uncertainty? The uncertainty may not be touching their personal lives yet, but the threats and possibilities of what's to come may have them feeling uneasy or shocked.

Trigger events might be at a regional level (storms, fires, economic trends, violence), national level (election results, policy changes) or global level (climate change, worldwide disasters). Your entire community may have experienced an event that has created a lot of uncertainty for those in your area.

You may work with individuals who are going through transitions such as grief, divorce, health diagnosis, or job loss, that are made that much more difficult by the uncertain times.

Understand how high levels of uncertainty alter the way clients navigate change. Discover ways you can offer more specific support and guidance during their free fall as:

•    Changes happen in their lives
•    They navigate the unknowns while attempting to put their life back on track
•    They step out of the darkness into the life they are creating
•    They create a social network to support them in their journey

Discover how the Seasons of Change model gives coaches perspectives and guidelines they can use to understand where a client is in their journey and what coaching supports them each step of the way.

Next Training:  Wednesdays, October 11 - November 15,2017

CLASS SCHEDULE: 90 min calls,  5-6:30 pm Eastern

Instructor: Carol McClelland Fields, PhD, BCC

Oct 12 - Week 1: Uncertainty and Change

Oct 19 - Week 2: Free Fall – How it Feels

Oct 26 - Week 3: Winter Path

Nov 2 - Week 4: Evolving into Late Winter

Nov 9 - Week 5: Supporting Your Client through Uncertain Times

Nov 16 - Week 6: Integrating Uncertain Times Coaching into Your Work

Cancellation Fee: $50; within two weeks of start of class - 50% refund; once course begins no refund.

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Coaching Change in Uncertain Times
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