A Morning of Pondering

(Or should I say another morning of pondering.)

So much is happening. And I think what's even harder is that intensely distressing events have been happening in different locations all summer long. One after the other after the other. Whether you live within the zone or outside of the zone of these events, we are all impacted.

We aren't built to be in this heightened state of distress constantly, although there are areas of our country and of the world where this level of distress is a daily companion.

Not even a month ago now, I was feeling the the impact of the back to back hurricanes striking the islands and the southeast region of the US. I believe Irma was heading straight for Florida and the point of landfall was still in question. The unknowns of the situation were palpable.

It was very late. I was sitting in the quiet. Doing what I could to find my own center, my own grounding point amid the storms. Physically my home, my family, and I were safe, but emotionally we'd all been feeling unsettled.

One thought, I don't recall what it was, took me back to the days after the election when I could barely breathe. I thought back to what I did to regain my center. Within about 30 minutes I had a list of 50 ways to reconnect with myself. I didn't set out to create this list, it just came through me. I kept listening and the list kept growing.

For me, the first thing I need to do is find my way back to my physical self - breathing, grounding, sitting in nature, taking time for a restorative nap. While I still feel the emotions and impact of the unfolding event, I have am more grounded and have more reserves to be with whatever is happening in my life and beyond.

I ended up putting this list into an eBook to share with others who are feeling shaken and unsettled these days. With the details and ramifications still unfolding from the horrendous event in Las Vegas, I know I needed another boost of deep self-care this week.


(The image is a page from the 50 Deep Self-Care Activities for Those Navigating Change in Uncertain Times eBook. If you'd like more deep self-care ideas, request the eBook here. Feel free to share this post with others who are having a tough time right now.)

The Wisdom of a Drop of Water

On one of my walks this winter I thought about the path a drop of water takes when it lands at the top of one of the ridges that surrounds our house...and begins its descent into the valley.

Each twist and turn that drop takes is one of ease and flow.

That drop will always find the most direct path down, down, down. It might get pushed over a boulder as it gathers with other drops, but whether a single drop or combined with other drops, water naturally follows the path that allows it to flow.

How can you follow the flow and evolve with the path that is opening up before you?

One of the gifts of the Seasons of Change is that is awakens within us a connection with the natural flow of life. When we align with this flow, navigating life's changes becomes a bit easier.