Helping you navigate change
in uncertain times by tapping into
nature's wisdom of the seasons.

Experiencing Changes in Your Life
or Your Work?

If so, you are embarking on a journey through the Seasons of Change. When you know where you are on the Seasons Path, you'll have an easier time knowing what to do next, how to avoid time consuming detours, and how to support yourself through unsettling times of change.

Change Catalysts: Coaches, Counselors,
& Consultants:

If you work with clients in transitions, explore our training opportunities that will provide you with ways to support your clients through a variety of transitions.

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Explore the Seasons Map

Feeling confused and unsettled? Look to the Seasons of Change for a map of where you are right now.

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clients in Transition?

Are you a coach, counselor, social worker, or consultant working with clients who are navigating uncertain times? Gain insights and earn continuing education credits.

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Is Your LIFE Changing?

Are you experiencing changes in your relationships, family, health, home, spiritual life, or finances?

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Browse our books and self-guided programs to find inspiration and guidance.


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Is Your WORK Changing?

Are changes happening in your job, career focus, workplace, business, industry, or profession?

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Sometimes the best way to move forward during uncertain times is to work with a coach who knows how to guide you through your journey.

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