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If you are in the midst of a life or career transition, search through our list of Coaches to find one that matches your needs.

Each of the coaches listed below has completed one or more training courses with us to ensure that they are familiar with supporting clients as they navigating the changes they face in their life or career. Each profile highlights the coach's specialties, values, and interests.

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Are you navigating a time of change in your personal or professional life? 

Explore the profiles of our Seasons of Change Coaches to find a coach to partner with you to find your path forward. (Coming Soon)


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Searching for your life purpose, academic direction, or your career direction?

Explore the profiles of our Purpose Clarity Coaches to find a coach to guide you through the Purpose Clarity Program.



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Do you have a difficult time making decisions or knowing what direction to take?

Explore the profiles of our Heart Magnet Coaches to find a coach to guide you in connecting with your Heart Magnet.



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Do you find you go into a slump at certain times of year? Whether you know the trigger event or not, becoming aware of your anniversaries gives you a way to heal.

Explore the profiles of our Anniversary Coaches to find a coach to help you create a healing path for your upcoming anniversary. (Coming Soon)

For several years I tried unsuccessfully to shift my career priorities. I would take steps towards the change I longed to make and then stop at the same point again and again. Working through the Seasons of Change with Karin’s guidance, I was able to identify the detours and missed steps that impeded my transition. Now I am making steady progress towards meaningful work for the next stage in my life.
— Mary A. Scherf, Esquire