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Lisa Petsinis, ACC

Lisa Petsinis Coaching

Lisa at LisaPetsinis.com

Lisa is passionate about working with individuals who want to be their best in life and in work.  She works with women in transitions of all kinds to reconnect with who they are, uncover their brilliance, design the life they want to lead, and create more joy and meaning in their lives.  She is a Certified HR Leader, Certified Career Development Coaching Specialist, and she received her Life Coach training at the Institute for Life Coach Training.

Her message:  Find who you have not yet become.  Navigate your winding journey with my support.  Gain clarity.  Believe in yourself.   You have the resources and capability to do whatever you set your mind to do. 



Nancy L. Seibel

Keys to Change, LLC
nancy at keystochange.net

Like you, I’m a caring, committed, service-centered professional. Since 2012, I've been a creative solopreneur, dedicated to business as unusual, focused on taking service-centered professionals from burning out to fired up!

Are you noticing that:

  • You don't have as much energy, passion or enthusiasm as you used to?
  • Your body is sending you signals that something's wrong? Perhaps you’re having pain, illness, insomnia, fatigue?
  • You never have time to stop doing, and to just be?
  • You're yearning to reconnect with what matters most in life?

If so, this doesn’t mean that you're somehow not good enough. It means it's time to direct some of your compassion, caring and commitment to someone who matters a lot -- you. Using the four steps of the Purpose Clarity process, you’ll find your way back to your true self, and start moving forward to the exciting possibilities ahead!

LaRonda Zupp

Turtle Heart Coaching and Retreats
LaRondaZupp at gmail.com

I am a Master Retreat and Life Coach, and Founder of Turtle Heart Coaching and Retreats. My passion is to provide opportunities for women to Heal, Explore, Awaken, Renew and Transform their lives. I offer Deaf-friendly coaching and retreats that focus on: Self-Love, Self-Care, Soulful Renewal, Purpose Clarity and Navigating Life Changes. I help women create more compassionate and trusting relationships with themselves so that they can make empowered, purposeful and self-loving choices that move them toward more balanced, meaningful and joy-filled lives!

My Professional Training includes:
•    B.A. in Deaf Studies
•    M.S. in Counseling
•    Master Certified Retreat Coach
•    Master Certified Seasons of Change® Coach
•    Certified Purpose Clarity Coach
•    Certified Heart Magnet Coach
•    Certified Parent Educator
•    Certified in Nonprofit Management
•    Entrepreneur