Carol McClelland Fields, PhD,

Seasons of Change Creator
Purpose Clarity Creator

Carol McClelland Fields, PhD, BCC is a coach, trainer, and author/creator of the Seasons of Change, Purpose Clarity and several other programs.

When working with clients, Carol provides unique tools, refreshing perspectives, and powerful insights to help them transform their confusion, frustration, and procrastination into clarity, hope, and positive action.

Carol has been studying, speaking, writing, and consulting on life and career transitions for over 25 years. She first developed her interest in transitions in 1983 while completing her PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Purdue University.  Even before a series of transitions in quick succession completely changed her life, Carol was fascinated with the change of seasons. Little did she know that observing the change of seasons during her graduate school years in Indiana would become so important to her future.

In 1991 Carol founded Transition Dynamics® to support others in transition.  In 2003 Carol began training other professionals to incorporate the Seasons of Change into their work with clients in transition. Then in 2005 she began training other professionals to use her Purpose Clarity program with their clients. From 2008 - 2015 Carol guided people who were searching for their professional role in moving the world toward a better, more sustainable future.

In 2015 Carol relocated from the San Francisco Bay Area to a rural valley in Oregon, where she once again enjoys the annual journey through all four seasons. This transition led to a few more changes in her business. She released her former California-based business of 25 years, Transition Dynamics Enterprises, Inc and started a new business, Deep Nature Insights. In addition she took on her married name professionally, adding Fields to her name.

Carol currently teaches two short courses for professionals who work with clients in transition:

    Unlocking Transition Anniversaries for Growth and Healing (2 CCEUs)
    Awakening Your Client’s Heart Magnet (2 CCEUs)