Your Next Steps in Life

As you navigate the changes happening in your life -- expected or unexpected -- there are ways you can ease and soften your journey. Take a look at these options to see which ones resonate for you.

If you are interested in exploring your life transitions in a retreat setting, review our retreat options.

Seasons of Change

By taking the time to sense into where you are on the Seasons of Change Spiral, you'll gain insights about your most effective actions, tasks that will bring you the most momentum, and natural metaphors that can bring you guidance and solace on your darkest and brightest days.

If you are interested exploring the Seasons of Change for more support, here are our recommendations:

If you want to read a book, The Seasons of Change

If you like to play with insight decks, Nature's Wisdom Deck

If you haven't already done so, check out the Overview of the Seasons of Change and download our free eBook - Navigating Changes in Uncertain Times (coming soon).

If you would like to work with a coach who specializes in helping clients navigate times of change, check out our list of Seasons of Change Coaches (coming soon).

If you are a professional who
works with clients in transition,

you may be interested in our series of
Seasons of Change training courses.

Healing Anniversaries

If you experienced a traumatic event or transition in your past, you may experience times when your energy drops, your anxiety increases, and your emotions are easily triggered. Often these shifts in your well being come out of the blue, with such intensity that you question yourself, your mental well being, and your current life!

When you can track down your anniversaries, you'll begin to anticipate and work with your agitation to bring healing to the forefront of your life.

If you are interested in exploring your Anniversaries to gain new insights, here are a few ideas for you.

Get started with the Healing Anniversary Self-Guided Program.

If you'd like more support in uncovering your anniversaries and creating strategies for moving through your most powerful anniversaries, check out our list of Anniversary Coaches (coming soon). Your Anniversary Coach will have additional activities and gentle questions to help you gain deeper insights and prepare your plan for upcoming anniversaries.

If you are a professional who
works with clients experiencing anniversaries
please learn more about our training program.

Awakening Your Heart Magnet

Anytime you experience a large (or small) transition in your life, you have the opportunity to open up to new ways of approaching your life. Imagine moving through your life and being able to choose your next move with a calm, grounded sense of confidence.

  • By learning how to identify the elements in your life that are no longer working for you (using STOP Signs) and unhooking and releasing those, you open up space to attract new opportunities that suit you better.
  • When you discover how to identify elements in your life that engage, energize, and intrigue you, then you can begin following those GO Signs to create a life that encourages you to thrive.

This information is especially powerful if you struggle to make decisions, or you feel vague about what you want in life. If you are ready to enjoy your life more deeply without constantly second guessing yourself, explore these Heart Magnet options.

Get started with the Heart Magnet eBook.

If you'd like more support in learning to tap into your Heart Magnet, check out our list of Heart Magnet Coaches. Your Heart Magnet Coach will have additional activities and gentle questions to help you deepen your relationship with this powerful internal guidance system.

If you are a professional who
works with clients who would benefit
from awakening to their own Heart Magnet,

learn more about our Heart Magnet training program.

Purpose Clarity

Sometimes, in response to a major life transition, you begin a search for meaning. You may search for a way to use your time and experience to make a bigger difference in your community.

Sometimes your new purpose is clear from the start. Perhaps the transition itself inspired you to make a commitment to help others in a similar situation.

In other cases, the search for a clear purpose is more elusive. You know you want to figure out a new focus and direction, but you have no idea how to gain the clarity you need to take action in a new direction.

If you want to move toward a clearer purpose in a proactive way, we invite you to explore our Purpose Clarity Program. Due to the in depth, personal nature of this work, we offer this program with a personal coach.

If you'd like to weave together your purpose based on what's meaningful to you, check out our list of Purpose Clarity Coaches. Your Purpose Clarity Coach will guide you through a series of activities and questions to help you discover clues to your new purpose and weave them together to create the seed of your new focus.

If you are a professional who
works with clients who would
benefit from finding their Purpose,

learn more about our Purpose Clarity Training Program.