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Eelco Baak

Eelco Baak Life Coaching
Eelco at eelcobaaklifecoaching.com

I work with people who have a wide variety of interests and are looking to do something meaningful in life with all these different skills.

Do you have so many interests that you are having a hard time figuring out exactly what you want in life? You don’t want to let go of any of your interests, but you haven’t found a way to fit all these things in your life? If so, I’d like to work with you.

Throughout my whole life I have been embarking on adventures. My curiosity about the world inspired me to earn degrees in mechanical engineering, Latin American studies, sustainable energy, plant-based nutrition, and of course coaching. I’ve lived in the Netherlands, Dominican Republic, Morocco, Venezuela, and Curacao, and I’ve learned to speak over 6 languages.

I always had a hard time finding out who I really was.  My life story has never fit into society’s expectations of a stable career.

Now I’ve embraced myself as an eternal student of life and allow only things in my life that give me joy. My life purpose is to assist you do the same.

Beth Berry

Revolution From Home
anabethberry at gmail.com

Beth Berry is a writer, whole life coach, mother of four daughters, and lover of the sacred feminine. A revolutionary at heart, she supports and encourages women toward the realization of their fullest potential and the reclamation of motherhood from disempowering personal and cultural stories. Given the transformative and often disorienting nature of motherhood, Beth sees the Purpose Clarity program as an invaluable part of every intentional mother's journey.


June O. Bond, Ed.D.

DreamCatchers Life Coaching
june at dreamcatcherslifecoach.com

I am a coach who emphasizes purpose clarity and wellness.  I am also an entrepreneur, author, dramatist, and storyteller.

I am a lifelong learner.  I have several degrees and certifications.  I see life as a classroom where each of us is student and teacher and the journey is our curriculum.

Coaching fits my passion and my purpose.  My life purpose is “to touch all souls deeply while respectfully honoring mine.”  In coaching, I encourage clients to plan and take steps in the direction of their goals and dreams.  We celebrate progress with enthusiasm and joy.

Purpose clarity is life changing.  It aligns a person with their authenticity and enables them to make decisions that fit the reason they are here.  In doing so, life becomes more meaningful and joyful.  Who doesn’t want that?

If you are interested in Purpose Clarity, contact Dr. June.  I would be honored to be invited on your journey.

Asha Joseph. M.A., B.C.C.

Joseph Catalyst Coaching
916.813.9129 or ashamljoseph at gmail.com

As a Board Certified Life Coach, I will work with you to achieve your goals, providing guidance, structure and accountability.   As many of us transition through life, we encounter the life-altering experiences of becoming a parent, building relationships, enforcing boundaries, changing careers, weight management and the list goes on.  My commitment is to partner with you to meet your life goals and thereby experience greater life satisfaction.  I believe the answers reside within your own creative brilliance and I strive to help you achieve awareness, discover possibilities and produce change.  I motivate, inspire, and empower clients to take ownership of their lives, maximize their potential, and fulfill their purpose.  I devote myself to serve as a catalyst for transformation.


Sonya RS Mason

MASE Coaching & Consulting
masecoaching at gmail.com

Sonya has a Master's Degree in Psychology and is a certified Purpose Clarity Life Coach.  She works with clients, particularly leaders as well as those who have previously been involved in professional sports, on discovering what they are most passionate about in life.  Her clients learn how to use what they discover to develop a plan on how they can passionately pursue their purpose and live a meaningful, fulfilling and balanced life.

Tammy Meyer

tammymeyerlifecoach at gmail.com

I am Certified as a Life Coach through the Institute for Life Coach Training and a Certified Purpose Clarity Coach. I coach women to keep their identity (or find it again) to enjoy a thriving career and to pursue their personal best in health and fitness. Some of my coaching has been with women embarking on a new path after they have raised their babies, women who are empty nesters, women pursuing higher education, and women who have lovingly sacrificed their personal goals for their spouse's careers and are ready to explore what's next! I would love to meet you where you're at and hear about your journey.

Nancy L. Seibel

Keys to Change, LLC
nancy at keystochange.net

Like you, I’m a caring, committed, service-centered professional. Since 2012, I've been a creative solopreneur, dedicated to business as unusual, focused on taking service-centered professionals from burning out to fired up!

Are you noticing that:

  • You don't have as much energy, passion or enthusiasm as you used to?

  • Your body is sending you signals that something's wrong? Perhaps you’re having pain, illness, insomnia, fatigue?

  • You never have time to stop doing, and to just be?

  • You're yearning to reconnect with what matters most in life?

If so, this doesn’t mean that you're somehow not good enough. It means it's time to direct some of your compassion, caring and commitment to someone who matters a lot -- you. Using the four steps of the Purpose Clarity process, you’ll find your way back to your true self, and start moving forward to the exciting possibilities ahead!

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Tristan Sophia, PsyD

Dr. Tristan Sophia, LLC
406-823- 0397 or growth at drtristansophia.com

Hello! I am Certified as a Life Coach through the Institute for Life Coach Training and a Certified
Purpose Clarity Coach.

My Purpose Clarity coaching is for women who want to:

  • Clarify their life purpose

  • Make career decisions

  • Ease into a life transition (e.g., starting school, midlife, empty nest)

And for women who:

  • Lost their previous focus

  • May not be completely clear what they enjoy

  • Enjoy many things but can’t pinpoint a main focus

I will completely customize your coaching for your individual needs.

You will gain a clear understanding of who you are and what gives you a sense of meaning.

You will discover how to put and KEEP self-care at the top of your priority list.

That joy, confidence, and fulfillment that you’ve been wanting? It will be yours.

Dayna Wood, EdS, REAT

Integrative Counsel
dayna.wood at integrativecounsel.org

At Integrative Counsel, we use the power of brain science to show stressed-out professionals how to reignite their creativity and spark new meaning and fulfillment in their lives.

LaRonda Zupp

Turtle Heart Coaching and Retreats
LaRondaZupp at gmail.com

I am a Master Retreat and Life Coach, and Founder of Turtle Heart Coaching and Retreats. My passion is to provide opportunities for women to Heal, Explore, Awaken, Renew and Transform their lives. I offer Deaf-friendly coaching and retreats that focus on: Self-Love, Self-Care, Soulful Renewal, Purpose Clarity and Navigating Life Changes. I help women create more compassionate and trusting relationships with themselves so that they can make empowered, purposeful and self-loving choices that move them toward more balanced, meaningful and joy-filled lives!

My Professional Training includes:
•    B.A. in Deaf Studies
•    M.S. in Counseling
•    Master Certified Retreat Coach
•    Master Certified Seasons of Change® Coach
•    Certified Purpose Clarity Coach
•    Certified Heart Magnet Coach
•    Certified Parent Educator
•    Certified in Nonprofit Management
•    Entrepreneur