A Beautiful Mourning

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A Beautiful Mourning


by Elizabeth Weber

A Beautiful Mourning is a sacred roadmap through grief that utilizes Nature’s Wisdom. It is based on the groundbreaking Seasons of Change approach created by Dr. Carol McClelland Fields.

In 2006, author Elizabeth Weber, experienced the extraordinary circumstance of losing her husband to cancer while house-sitting. Without any friends or family nearby, she found the starkness of her predicament only served to amplify her mourning process.

Elizabeth's memoir, A Beautiful Mourning, is about her deeply transformative journey both into and, perhaps more importantly, out of the mourning process. Elizabeth has "Returned with the Elixir" to inspire anyone who has loved and lost-to live and love again!

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Praise for A Beautiful Mourning

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I thought I was the only person in the entire universe to feel and experience what I was going through—until I read your words. They were my sentiments precisely. Precisely. I was immediately comforted knowing I was not all alone.
— Anthony J. Vinciquerra, M.D.
I have just read your wonderful book. Your writing is so graceful and authentic. I have a friend who lost her husband last January and another whose partner is in hospice with Alzheimer’s. I will be sharing the book with them both. Your journey and journal will be a gift to many.
— Suka Chapel, Ph.D. R.N.
This book should be on the bedstand of anyone who recently lost a loved one. A Beautiful Mourning is a wonderful solace for a time of grieving. Just to know that the grief process does come to an end, and can end so well as it did for the author, is both consoling and life-affirming.
— Edward M. O’Keefe, Ph.D.
I finished reading your book for the second round and this time I could see messages that were there but I was so eager to finish reading it the first time, I didn’t…. I am quite sure that a third reading awaits…. It is a delightful and at the same time nourishing experience.
— Dr. Heyda M. Martinez