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50 Deep Self-Care Activities to
create a sense of calm and inspire you to take
the first steps to recreate your life.

Taking Good Care of Yourself
in Times of Uncertainty

After the introduction, each page of the 50 Deep Self-Care Activities eBook provides a small collection of activities to help you navigate change in uncertain times.

The activities will help you:

  • Find your own center again
  • Connect with the natural world and celestial constants
  • Get moving again
  • Express yourself
  • Make new choices about how you live your life

Gravitate to the ideas that nurture you.

Feel free to modify any ideas to align with your circumstances and abilities. There is absolutely no need to force yourself or “should” yourself into doing any of these.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how you can navigate change in uncertain times, please contact us. We plan to add more resources and opportunities around this topic in the future. We would love to hear your feedback and specific interests.


50 Deep Self-Care Activities
for Those Navigating Change in Uncertain Times

By Reading this eBook...

  • You'll understand how normal life changes are different these days.
  • You'll see why you are having such a difficult time making sense of what is happening.
  • You'll find out how increased uncertainty in our world may be impacting you and your life.
  • You'll uncover why sudden life shifts are so unsettling.