Seasons of Change Fundamentals

For Coaches, Therapists, Counselors and Other Professionals Who Support Clients in Transition

10 Credits (9 Core Competencies + 1 Resource Development)


Training includes:

  • We live in more uncertain times than when I first created the Seasons of Change. We’ll explore how the heightened sense of uncertainty impact us, our clients, and our transition coaching.

  • Honoring all levels of change, from making simple changes (adding a new skill or behavior) to large-scale changes that impact whole communities or all of us; from changes that have a fairly straightforward step-by-step solution to those that have no known template to follow.

  • Four Seasonal Arcs that help you and your client identify where they are in their transition journey. With this insight you'll have more specific information about how to support your clients in reaching their next transition milestone. You’ll have Reference Guides you can use during client sessions to show you the following items at a glance.

    Stories and signs that help you see which seasonal arc your client is in and what milestone they are moving toward

    Specific topics you can ask your client about during each phase of their journey

    Actions to note and encourage

    Common detours that derail clients and how to work with them to find their way forward again

    Practical, skill-building activities you can use in session or offer as homework for your clients.

  • Change by Choice rather than in reacting to external triggers. When clients learn these skills they will be able to create the life they want with more ease and flow.

  • Explore how to integrate the Seasons of Change into your work with individuals, groups, classes, workshops, and retreats.

  • A personal exploration of the Seasons of Change in your development as an individual and a professional

After completing the Seasons of Change Fundamentals Course, you'll be able to use the Seasons of Change Coach designation and be eligible to enroll in the Seasons of Change - Coaching Practicum (10 Credits).

Next Training:  Fall 2019

CLASS SCHEDULE: Friday, September 20 - November 8

1:00-2:15 PM Eastern | 10:00 - 11:15 AM Pacific - 75 min calls

Simple, powerful, immediately relevant and applicable—this is the value of Seasons of Change® for navigating through our ever-changing times. As it is based on the wisdom of nature, the SOC model offers a compelling and timeless understanding of change for my clients and me personally. Brilliant!
— Michelle Burns, PCC Professional Certified Coach / Master Retreat Leader, Design Your Destiny


Instructor: Carol McClelland Fields, PhD, BCC

Session 1: Change and Transition

Session 2: Four Seasonal Arcs

Session 3: Fall Arc - Acknowledging Change Is Happening

Session 4: Winter Arc - Sparking New Insights

Session 5: Spring Arc - Blossoming in New Ways

Session 6: Summer Arc - Celebrating Your Harvest

Session 7: Practical Application

Session 8: Integrating the Seasons of Change into Your Work and Your Business

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What Seasons of Change Coaches
Say about the Certification Training

In my life work, helping deaf, hard of hearing and late-deafened adults go through various life changes and adjustment, I have sometimes used language from the Hero’s Journey as a model for helping them understand how to move through their transition process. However, words like “belly or the whale,” “dark night of the soul” or “returning as a hero with a boon” are not always easy to understand.

After attending the Seasons of Change Training and Retreat, I found the language of the Seasons so much easier to convey and embrace. Everyone is familiar with lessons of nature and the changes each season brings. I find it a much easier model to help a client see that the dark time in her life might be her “Winter Solstice” or perhaps she is maturing into her “Summer” with a new level of confidence and clarity. The Season’s of Change model provides a natural, clear, useful and pragmatic language with which to discuss the process of transition and dynamics of change.
— ~~ LaRonda Zupp, Retreat Coach, Turtle Heart Retreats
At the onset of my career as a life coach, I came across Dr. Carol McClelland Field’s book “The Seasons of Change” and loved it. I’ve experienced many changes in my life and navigated many transitions. The archetypal process of change and transition that Carol explains so beautifully, touched a chord with me. I recognized the truth in it. When I found out that Carol was doing the Seasons of Change training, I decided to enroll and gain my certification. Today, Seasons of Change is the cornerstone of my coaching practice. When I talk about the SOC model, people nod their heads and light up. They recognize the process. They know it to be true and they want to know more about it.

We all strive to live a life of purpose and meaning. We wish for fulfilling work, healthy relationships and a rich inner life. Along the way, there are detours, U turns and surprises. Change happens! We’re all in it together and I’m grateful to have such a valuable tool in my hands. The Seasons of Change model keeps me focused and present to what’s happening in my life, and allows me to support my clients in an authentic, meaningful way. Thank you!
— Yota Schneider, Life Transitions Coach, Open for Success
I am grateful for the Seasons of Change® training. It’s so helpful to understand that I am in two seasons at once. I’m in Spring as far as my business, having been inspired by this new window into transitions. My broken leg is imposing a personal Wintering, which I now see as healthy opportunity for deep reflection, journaling, and writing. This in turn is really helpful in clarifying my vision as I inch forward developing my business.
— Caren M Kolerski, Heal Your Life(R) Coach & Workshop Leader

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